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Pyramid Power is a pioneer in the design, installation, implementation and maintenance of clean energy systems.   Over the last 29 years, our teams have assisted individuals, communities and businesses to realise the savings and environmentally friendly benefits of clean energy.

Our name is derived from our original remote area mobile solar power system, which looks like a mini-pyramid in shape. This unit has been installed in remote communities in Australia as well as developing nations such as South Africa and Sri Lanka. It was a pioneering project of its time, receiving the Australian National Energy Award in 1995, and many of these units are still in operation.  Today we use our extensive technical knowledge and experience to offer you the best solar products to suit your needs.

Our installation teams are fully-trained and experienced professionals who comply with all Occupational Health and Safety standards.  You may be assured that our installation in your home or business will be in expert hands with Pyramid Power.

As part of our service, you will be provided with everything you need to go solar.  This will include system design and electrical drawings through to your fully-installed, high quality clean energy system.  All our products have standard performance and product warranties, guaranteeing your lasting peace of mind.  We will also assist you in receiving your full entitlement to various government financial incentives.

Our accreditations and licences include Clean Energy Council; ACT; NSW.  We are fully insured.

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