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The Solar Bonus Scheme Ends 31/12/2016

Please read the following information as it may save you many dollars.

From 2009 to 2012 tens of thousands of gross meters were installed in the take up of the Solar Bonus Scheme!

As a result of the Scheme coming to an end Solar Bonus Scheme customers will no longer receive Scheme tariff payments for Solar electricity generation that occurs after 31 December 2016.

Due to the demand that Accredited Service Providers (Net & Gross meter installers) and electricity distributors (ie Essential Energy) will encounter, the installation of new net meter installations will take many months to complete.

These delays will mean little to no return on your solar until your new net meter is installed. This is why it will not pay to wait until the scheme is about to run out – ACT NOW.

However, customers may still benefit financially from having a small scale solar generator connected to the grid with a net meter.
Customers receiving the 60 cent tariff
Customers who receive the 60 cent Scheme tariff who have a gross meter may wish to consider changing to a net meter as the Scheme draws to an end. Under net metering, electricity from a customer’s generation is first used to meet any consumption that takes place at the time of the generation. This means that, for each kilowatt (kWh) a customer consumes of their own generation, they save the retail price that would otherwise be paid for that consumption. That would be financially advantageous when the feed-in tariff no longer exceeds the retail price of day time electricity.
Add a new Net metered system before the scheme ends and retain your 60 and 20c feed-in tariff to the end of 2016.
You can add a separate solar power system connected to the grid with a net meter. This additional solar system would be completely independent and would not interfere in any way with your current gross feed-in tariffs. You would be receiving the 60 or 20c feed-in tariff as usual until the current NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ceases at the end of 2016. Your new net metered system would offset your energy usage during the daytime period.

Adding more solar panels and a new net meter to your existing solar system will save on delays and potential $$$ fully exploiting your solar potential without disrupting your existing feed-in tariff system. This means increased solar productivity without the hassle.

Customers receiving 20c Gross or net feed-in tariff

Customers on 20c Gross or net feed-in tariff can expand their capacity up to 10kW and retain their 20c rate up to a total of 10kW and keep the 20c Gross on the new expanded system.

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Options for using any excess power your system might produce
Solar panel owners are wondering how they can avoid giving electricity away cheaply to retailers. Maximising the use of electricity in the home while the sun shines is one strategy, but there are only so many times each day you need to run the dishwasher!
The alternatives are – store energy for later use, by buying either a Home Battery Hybrid System, go Off Grid completely or use your surplus of power to run your Hot Water.

Pyramid Power has the knowledge and expertise to design your own management system.

Let Pyramid Power help you with informed Solar options beyond 2016.

space for solar panels on a roof

As you have several options available to you call us NOW to find out how we can save you money and work with you towards a clean energy future.

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The Team at Pyramid Power Group

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