Off Grid Systems

Designed specifically for rural and regional locations that can not be connected to the Mains Grid, with a Pyramid Power Off Grid Systems, you will never receive an electricity bill, change an oil filter, crank an engine or pour another heavy drum of fuel. In the early 1980s Pyramid Power began with off-grid systems and has installations in such places as South Africa and Alice Springs. These systems continue to operate today and will continue to provide years of off-grid independence.

The Off Grid works by using a single source or combination of energy sources to provide seamless electricity for your site and your requirements. Energy sources can include solar, wind and hydro. Long life batteries, generally housed in small enclosures nearby are used to store energy for use when you need it, while a monitoring device in your home reports on the solar system performance.

Installing a RAPS

To find out what your investment might be for a system like this, make a quick list of your existing or desired household or farm shed electrical appliances.

We will – in consultation with you – propose, design and price a tailored solution for you to consider.

Once you decide to go ahead and Pyramid Power has installed your system, you will have all the electricity you need and better still, never receive a power bill.

The Advantages of Off Grid Systems

As an example of the cost-efficiencies of a Pyramid Power Off grid System, one happy customer up on the Monaro Plains in NSW, reports that his consumption during the night reduces his battery capacity to 97%. By 11am most days, his solar power system restores it to 100%. Even after three consecutive dark, cloudy and rainy days his battery capacity, having dropped to 93%, is restored the next sunny day by lunchtime to 100%. All in relative silence. His installed system cost him 41.6% of the price he was going to pay to have the grid brought to his property. Economically, even though he doesn’t benefit from a Feed in Tariff and the attractive returns this offers, his return improves over time as his system costs next to nothing to run and there aren’t any ongoing service fees or usage charges associated with being connected to the grid.

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