Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems use the heat energy of the sun to provide  large quantities of hot water for use in the home or business.
They do this very efficiently and can save enormous amounts of electric energy usage. They consist of a solar collector and a storage tank, the two main types  used  are evacuated tube collectors and flat plate collectors. Both types work extremely well in sunny conditions and the evacuated tube system still works very well in marginal conditions such as overcast or rainy days, cold conditions or low incident light angles.

Traditional (outdated and inefficient) electric hot water systems are responsible for a huge amount of the energy consumed in Australian households and can account for as much as half of the entire energy use in the house and even more of its greenhouse gas emissions.
Solar hot water systems come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit any household or business.
A solar hot water system should be designed for the specific house or site to achieve two major objectives – to provide a constant supply of safe hot water and save as much energy as possible.

Solar hot water systems come with an alternate heat source, gas or electricity for backup in periods of little sunshine to ensure there is a constant supply of hot water.

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